Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy artists – World of Superheroes

I’ve recently joined the World of Superheroes writers team (YES!).

I love books, comics, graphic novels, films and t.v. series, so I’m really excited at this latest opportunity – it’s just a matter of fitting them all into a hectic lifestyle of two time-fulfilling jobs! As usual, I really aim to make it work. How can I expect to keep moving forward if I get stuck in the mud? So, jet pack ready and with a spare time-turner in my pocket, here’s to a new year and many more developments. Happy 2015 people.

If you’re interested at all in sci-fi or fantasy artwork, check out my first article on the World of Superheroes website:

Art Beyond the Pages: Top 10 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Artists you may not have heard of (but should!)

Note: feature image by artist Menton3.


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