Fan of Horror? Love Joshua Hoffine

After my last article on Kirsty Mitchell and her world of delightful escapism, I was itching for something a little more…gritty. On my travels, I came across Joshua Hoffine. I admit, I wasn’t sure what to make of him at first; My taste in horror has always lay in the truly dark. I grew up hungry for Asian horrors, overtaken by the powerlessness that filled me when faced with the coldly supernatural and terrifying realness of what humans are capable of within psychological thrillers. Though I loved the concept of much of Joshua’s work – working to make children’s nightmares into something real, for example – I couldn’t make my mind up about the theatrical way he shot his photographs.

The more I looked at his work though, the more I grew to love it. Here was a man that really felt his work. Each picture was a part of him. Literally. A lot of the photographs use his own daughters as the models who are suffering as their nightmares come to life. Joshua Hoffine is a man who not only snapped behind the camera, but worked to create each scene himself with the help of just a few friends. As I read about Joshua, it became clear that Hoffine is a grounded man on a mission; he taps into something that makes you want to keep looking, whispering memories of childhood fears in your ear. He plays with a psychology of fear and studies it as if it were in a test tube. But with a good dollop of fun in the process, of course.

To see more pictures and read my article on Joshua Hoffine – a fascinating man of horror – check out my article Joshua Hoffine: Master of Horror here.

JoshuaHoffine_Keyhole JoshuaHoffine_Wolf

One thought on “Fan of Horror? Love Joshua Hoffine

  1. David Faggiani

    Wow, the wolf/child one is intense. And bonkers. It also looks a bit like something from the Brass Eye special…


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