Delving into Folklore and Dreams with My Pet Skeleton

When an artist genuinely shows their thanks for an article you’ve written on them, it gives that teeny tiny buzz that you can’t get from anywhere else.


I’ve been talking to Vincent Marcone – a.k.a. My Pet Skeleton – for weeks as we worked on this article bit by bit. Vincent is an interesting man; I love an artist who transcends from one prolificĀ field and incorporates a multimedia thunderstorm of talent over his audience. Not only is Vincent a digital artist with a background in printmaking, he is an animator and musician, bringing all of the aspects of his creation together to make his imagination a reality.

“I feel really good when I’m creating something new. It kinda feels like casting a smoke signal into the sky.”

Read my article on My Pet Skeleton at beautiful.bizarre:

Delving into Folklore and Dreams with My Pet Skeleton

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