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Twisted Sister Arts – Handmade jewellery OUT OF THIS WORLD

I have been stalking Twisted Sister Arts for almost a year now, saving up and waiting for of those amazing eye pieces to come up for sale and waiting for the moment that I can actually get in there before it’s bought in an instant. It seems that this woman has created quite a name […]

Antique gold looking necklace with black hematite beads

It may have taken some time but I’ve finished off a new necklace that I’m very happy with. Bronze droplets and rings threaded onto black leather thong with black beads and polished hematite detail. On a more bohemian/antique level I think it turned out quite nicely Now available on my Etsy shop.ย 

The simple necklace: The 100 Drachma

After working on numerous pieces of jewellery which involved many wire bends, threaded beads and general fiddling about, I felt the need for simplicity. When we moved in to our house the last owner had left a slightly worn foreign coin on a window sill and I was drawn to it instantly, popping it in […]

Step 1: Show and Tell

Showing some of my previous wares seems like a good place to start, so I’ve included some photographs below of handmade pieces that I’ve created by recycling and upcycling broken/unwanted jewellery and trinkets. The idea came about from when I volunteered in a charity shop many moons ago; often people would donate broken things that […]

Everybody has to start somewhere

I know I have a fault in that I like to wing it. I like to try things from my own logic and explore ideas before I find that online tuition –ย it’s so much more fun than spending time reading instructions. However, like all serious artists (hah!) I accept that creating things from no knowledge […]