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The modern hurdy gurdy: be AMAZED.

I had to share this. I’ve loved the hurdy gurdy ever since someone mentioned it in passing and I thought they were talking about some kind of 1920s dance, but no! It’s EVEN BETTER! Originating from around the 11th century, it can produce an amazingly eery and hypnotising taste of lifetimes far gone by (Youtube […]

Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs Go Green

“The traditional thinking is ‘prosper first and clean up later’ but you can’t continue to prosper if you damage the environment, nor will you if you don’t take care of your workers” – Lurraine Villacorta, Environment and Decent Work Specialist of the ILO (International Labour Organization) I came across this article today and I have […]


Twisted Sister Arts – Handmade jewellery OUT OF THIS WORLD

I have been stalking Twisted Sister Arts for almost a year now, saving up and waiting for of those amazing eye pieces to come up for sale and waiting for the moment that I can actually get in there before it’s bought in an instant. It seems that this woman has created quite a name […]


Faberge Fractals; Psychedelic Sculptures!

Tom Beddard, a laser physicist-turned-artist, has created some beautiful and quite frankly amazing fractal sculptures! Fractals are a phenomenon of never ending patterns, found in nature and more commonly a mathematical concept that can help to create amazing images such as those below. These may be digitally-rendered, but Beddard – going by his artist alias […]


The Accidents of Youth – show your children, you could save their life

The Accidents of Youth 1819 | The Public Domain Review. Published in 1819, this book rightly depicts the many instances where children have disobeyed their parents only wish that they hadn’t. As the writer explains: ‘My Dear Children, The inexperience of thoughtlessness natural at your age exposes you to many dangers: I have there pointed […]

Eastern vs Western culture: Yang Liu and the differences in minimalist

This is something that I came across about a year ago and I was struck with the simple clarity of Yang Liu’s representations in the difference between Eastern and Western cultures. Yang Liu was born in China and moved to live in Germany when she was 14, and as a result has acquired very real […]