Monthly Archives: January 2015


Delving into Folklore and Dreams with My Pet Skeleton

When an artist genuinely shows their thanks for an article you’ve written on them, it gives that teeny tiny buzz that you can’t get from anywhere else. I’ve been talking to Vincent Marcone – a.k.a. My Pet Skeleton – for weeks as we worked on this article bit by bit. Vincent is an interesting man; […]


Book Review: Into the Darkest Corner (Thriller)

This book is a certainly different from the usual that I’ve reviewed; For my own pleasure (and why not?) I like to talk about books that have really hit a nerve within me for one reason or another – a book that has touched my soul, and in general I find it hard to come […]


Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy artists – World of Superheroes

I’ve recently joined the World of Superheroes writers team (YES!). I love books, comics, graphic novels, films and t.v. series, so I’m really excited at this latest opportunity – it’s just a matter of fitting them all into a hectic lifestyle of two time-fulfilling jobs! As usual, I really aim to make it work. How […]