Monthly Archives: August 2014


Book review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Sometimes I love it when the publication of a book goes right under my radar until a couple of years later. Why? Because, after becoming hooked and fully falling into a new world, I don’t have to wait for the sequel. It may seem like a funny place to start a book review but don’t […]


Twisted Sister Arts – Handmade jewellery OUT OF THIS WORLD

I have been stalking Twisted Sister Arts for almost a year now, saving up and waiting for of those amazing eye pieces to come up for sale and waiting for the moment that I can actually get in there before it’s bought in an instant. It seems that this woman has created quite a name […]


Fan of Horror? Love Joshua Hoffine

After my last article on Kirsty Mitchell and her world of delightful escapism, I was itching for something a little more…gritty. On my travels, I came across Joshua Hoffine. I admit, I wasn’t sure what to make of him at first; My taste in horror has always lay in the truly dark. I grew up […]


Kirsty Mitchell: Wonderland

I’ve not updated this website for some time now due to other priorities, so next in line I wanted to tell you about my article for Beautiful Bizarre on the amazing photographer Kirsty Mitchell. This woman is something else. Not only is she a photographer with an electrifying imagination, but she works tirelessly to create […]