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How to be More ‘Green’ and Do Your Bit for the Planet

On April 22nd it was Earthday, a day focused on what we can do to promote a better natural earth. It’s a wonderful, positive idea, but such a shame that we need a special day for many to do anything significant to help look after the Earth. Rather than just taking part in the one off day, let’s try to […]


BB Mag – Interview with Malady Charlotina – a Fetish Model’s Account of Adventure and Identity

I recently had the honour of interviewing Christina Amato, an alternative and fetish model, performer and artist. I had first recognised her on numerous fashion sites, so when she started touring with Emilie Autumn – an eclectic musician and performer – my interest in Christina (using her stage name Ulorin Vex) her grew further. Once I […]


Book Review – Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth

Have you ever had a memory from a long lost dream? Something from your childhood that’s triggered from a passing moment or a page of a book? As a child and right into my late teens I was fascinated with fairytales – not the Disney versions but the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson; the more macabre […]

Antique gold looking necklace with black hematite beads

It may have taken some time but I’ve finished off a new necklace that I’m very happy with. Bronze droplets and rings threaded onto black leather thong with black beads and polished hematite detail. On a more bohemian/antique level I think it turned out quite nicely Now available on my Etsy shop. 

The blemish of a foreign name; How your name can affect your possibilities

I came across an interesting topic broadcast on the radio the other day in regards to an article Rykesha Hudson wrote for The Voice, a very popular black culture magazine. Each day they produce an online poll for readers, and a few weeks ago they asked if readers thought that ‘nameless job applications and CV’s […]