Monthly Archives: March 2014


Jennifer Trask – An exploration of sculpture, right down to the bone

My latest article for Beautiful Bizarre focuses on Jennifer Trask, an exceedingly talented sculptress who uses reclaimed bone within her genuinely beautiful sculptures. Along with a mix of organic resin and reclaimed 17th, 18th and 19th century frames, I’m amazed at the intricacy of her creations, both as centre pieces and jewellery. Her down to […]


Nelly Recchia: Queen of High Fashion Body Painting

I have always loved fancy dress. The concept of being able to completely change the way you look – indeed, who you are – can be both freeing and intimidating at the same time. I’m not talking about females wearing school girl outfits with rather paedophilic undertones or superhero outfits with foam six-pack chests, but […]

The simple necklace: The 100 Drachma

After working on numerous pieces of jewellery which involved many wire bends, threaded beads and general fiddling about, I felt the need for simplicity. When we moved in to our house the last owner had left a slightly worn foreign coin on a window sill and I was drawn to it instantly, popping it in […]

The Sexy Lie: The debate of sexual objectification in our modern society

This morning I watched this short TED video on the ‘lie’ that sexual objectification can be empowering if manipulated right. I wanted to share it with you, so here it is: Now the initial issue I found myself having is how could I post this, believing in a lot of Caroline Heldman’s speech, whilst elsewhere […]


The Accidents of Youth – show your children, you could save their life

The Accidents of Youth 1819 | The Public Domain Review. Published in 1819, this book rightly depicts the many instances where children have disobeyed their parents only wish that they hadn’t. As the writer explains: ‘My Dear Children, The inexperience of thoughtlessness natural at your age exposes you to many dangers: I have there pointed […]


Bertil Nilsson: Circus, dance and pushing the boundaries

Bertil Nilsson My latest article for Beautiful Bizarre is on Bertil Nilsson, who’s photography draws me in every time. With his focus on contemporary circus performers and dancers he freezes moments of perfect movement that allow us to analyze exactly what we are capable of. ‘Nilsson sends the message that the body is not something to be […]