Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Independent Fashion: How to buy clothes ethically

An article that I wrote in 2012 for the now offline local magazine Large Manchester. The Independent Fashion Manchester has always been a kingpin of eclectic fashion. In our current financial climate it can be hard to keep in the loop, but thankfully Manchester has adapted: in this article we explore some of the growing […]

Eastern vs Western culture: Yang Liu and the differences in minimalist

This is something that I came across about a year ago and I was struck with the simple clarity of Yang Liu’s representations in the difference between Eastern and Western cultures. Yang Liu was born in China and moved to live in Germany when she was 14, and as a result has acquired very real […]


The macabre beauty of Ellen Rogers

Ellen Rogers For a look at the article I wrote for Beautiful Bizarre, click here. I’ve always found Ellen Rogers’ work to be alluring. There is something in the way she hand colours her black and white films to create a depth which calls to a part of me that’s lured to more old fashioned […]

Step 1: Show and Tell

Showing some of my previous wares seems like a good place to start, so I’ve included some photographs below of handmade pieces that I’ve created by recycling and upcycling broken/unwanted jewellery and trinkets. The idea came about from when I volunteered in a charity shop many moons ago; often people would donate broken things that […]

Hoopsmiles – Hooping Tutorials for All

I absolutely love Hoopsmiles! Jon Coyne is beacon of positivity, an online tutor who thinks¬†deeply about how to teach the ins and out of hula hooping via videos; when your pupils can’t interrupt with questions, you have to proactively try and cover all of the bases. Jon does just that. In the ‘About’ section, his […]

Everybody has to start somewhere

I know I have a fault in that I like to wing it. I like to try things from my own logic and explore ideas before I find that online tuition –¬†it’s so much more fun than spending time reading instructions. However, like all serious artists (hah!) I accept that creating things from no knowledge […]